Saturday Surfing, July 13th, 2019

Poppyseed, asiago, cinnamon raisin, blueberry… I’m believing about bagels this morning, as well as not just since of their carb-o-licious goodness. I’m currently “reading” an audiobook called Take manage of Your Life by Mel Robbins, as well as it’s about concern as well as discovering exactly how to step past it. I just completed a story in it about bagels, of all things.

In the book, Mel talks about checking out things as either challenges or opportunities, as well as she tells a story about two guy who surface a foot race. There are complimentary bagels at the surface line, as well as one person says, “Oh, look, there’s complimentary bagels. Let’s go get some.” however the other person says, “The line is as well long.”


Both guy look at the bagels in different ways. The person who sees the yummy bagels in yo’ stomach focuses on the opportunity, while the other person sees the challenge (the long line).

Interesting, huh?

Which person are you? I believe I’m the person who immediately sees the obstacles, however I’d like to be the person who focuses on the yummy bagels, so that’s what I’m working on now…


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Just some food for believed on this charming morning.

And now, Saturday surfing!

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I 100% took pleasure in this, as well as it turns out my preferred X-Tina video is the exact same as hers, too!

Speaking of Christina!

I such as this version of one my preferred tunes of all time.

Thank you, universe, for the gift that is Lizzo.

Speaking of bagels, here’s exactly how they’re made.

I believe it’s a great time to search down a bagel. Ooh! — one with cream cheese as well as smoked salmon! ?


Have a fantastic weekend!

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