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Vous vous demandez peut-être, “alors quoi dans la ternation est ce lundi sondage de toute façon !?”

Eh bien, ce n’est pas précisément un sondage. C’est beaucoup plus d’un évolution continue (dévolvante?), Une loisiffue des préoccupations quelque peu aléatoire que je pose des visiteurs tous les lundi matin au cours des sept dernières années. (C’est comme un kickstart pour votre cerveau.) Je me suis toujours ravi de lire vos réponses dans les commentaires, ainsi que j’espère que vous avez ravi de lire le mien.

On a scale of 1-10, exactly how skilled are you with your hair (with 10 being salon-caliber elegant updos as well as elaborate braids)?
Well, based on the trendy method I’ve been using my hair lately, otherwise understood as “The Mop,” I ought to most likely state a unfavorable 10, however no, no, I believe I’m a bit much better than that when I put in the effort… So perhaps a six or seven? If I’m trying.

I can do a few different updos as well as braids, like the untidy reverse French braid I was using a couple months ago.

Flower crowns: do or don’t?
It seems like they get a great deal of flak sometimes, however they’re a do for me. I believe they’re fun as well as playful, as well as even though they kind of dominate the music celebration circuit, I desire they would likewise dominate routine life, since I would not mind it if women walked around all over with flower crowns. I believe it would be type of pretty.

What’s something you do at least when a day?

Feed Tabs some wet food, since if he doesn’t get at least a taste of gravy, he gets extremely vocal as well as crabby.

Brosser mes dents

Bois de l’eau

Check my emails

Aller en ligne

Put on lotion

Go outside to breathe some fresh air

Open a window

A bit cleaning, believe it or not

Fill in my brows

Have a cup of tea (usually eco-friendly tea in the morning as well as afternoon as well as Sleepy Time Tea at night)

Clean off my desk

I likewise go with phases (and I’m in one now) where I modification some aspect of my attire at least when a day, which I want to do at this extremely moment since I’m currently uncomfortable.

What were you like as a child?
Very timid as well as peaceful as well as happy. as well as artistic, too, which wasn’t extremely valued in my family…but let’s not even go there now best meow.

What’s a type of music you just don’t get?
’70s rock, however I believe that’s partly since I haven’t been subjected to a great deal of it. What I have heard, though, hasn’t truly linked with me yet.

Sometimes when El Hub as well as I go on our road trips as much as Redding, California, we’ll listen to traditional rock stations (which they have a great deal of up there), as well as I’ll hear a tune as well as say, “I’ve never heard this tune before,” as well as it’ll be by Pink Floyd or something, as well as El Hub will turn his head to me with a look of total shock. “I can’t believe you’ve never heard this tune before!”

Non. as well as I’m sorry, however it’s not doing anything for me either.


À ton tour. Il suffit de copier aussi bien que Collez le respect des préoccupations dans un commentaire avec vos réponses. Je regarde en avant pour les lire!

1. On a scale of 1-10, exactly how skilled are you with your hair (with 10 being salon-caliber elegant updos as well as elaborate braids)?
2. flower crowns: do or don’t?
3. What’s something you do at least when a day?
4. What were you like as a child?
5. What’s a type of music you just don’t get?

Salut l’ami. Here’s a hug, one from me as well as one from Tabs. He asks that you pet him for a bit, however please don’t mind when he starts to look somewhat annoyed. That’s just exactly how he looks on Monday mornings.


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J’espère que tu as passé un bon weekend. I have to admit I’m still in weekend mode… I haven’t rather gotten into gear yet. I believe I’ll certainly requirement a second, as well as most likely likewise a third, cup of eco-friendly tea.

The weekend went by method as well fast… On Saturday night we viewed the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight with some friends. I’m type of bummed about exactly how it turned out, however it was still fun to get together. as well as then yesterday I just did a great deal of high-intensity unwinding around the house.

I started viewing this great BBC documentary series on Netflix called Egypt. It’s part documentary, part, kind of, lifetime channel historical movie. Anyway, I’ve been completely sucked in.


I hope you’re having an easy, calm Monday so far. I’ll be best back… Can I bring you a cup of tea? Something with caffeine, perhaps?

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